The Judging Process

Requirements & Scoring

Judges must take and successfully pass an online exam in order to receive a free judges kit. This ensures each judge has an understanding and basic level of knowledge of cannabis/cannabis products, how to judge them, what to look for, what good/bad product is, etc.

Judges base scores on appearance, aroma, flavor, feel/effect, and overall impression awarding a maximum of 100 points.

Based-upon the combined scores from all of the judges, one entry will achieve the highest overall score, and a “Best in Class” trophy will be awarded. 2nd and 3rd place will receive a medal. One entry per category to achieve the highest score, a “Best of Class” per category will be awarded.


Highest overall score per competition and as available by category.

90 – 100                GOLD – Superior example, setting the standard

86 – 90                  SILVER – Outstanding example; excellent quality

80 – 85                  SILVER – Fine example; excellent quality

75 – 79.9                BRONZE – Good example; well-above average

Results remain confidential until officially released.

Example of 2016 Entries

Past Judges Kits & Awards