2018 Classic Bake-Off

The bake-off is the new format we will use for the Best Edible award. Full rules and regulations are posted below (subject to adjustments and changes at any time).


Entry is open to all bakers, 21-years-old and older, of any skill level.

Contestants may enter under their personal name or a business name.

Bake-off contestants will compete in five categories:

  1. Cookies
  2. Brownies
  3. Cakes/cake pops/cupcakes
  4. Pies
  5. Pastries/donuts/cinnamon rolls

If you want to enter something that’s not on the list, please fill out the form, submit your fees and we will work with you to determine which category you should compete in.

Judges will evaluate each sample based on the following factors: appearance, presentation, aroma, taste, creativity/originality, and lastly effect. Judging will be done live, and winners will be announced at the event.

All baked goods must be pre-baked, pre-portioned and brought to the venue ready-to-eat

Contestants may enter up to 5 entries for consideration.

Contestants will be required to bring a minimum of 100 single servings per entry for sampling (for example, you could bake 1 cake and cut into 100 bite-sized pieces).

Dosage per bite-size sample should be limited to approximately 5mg each.

Please do not plan items that require refrigeration or heating… We will not provide cooling or heating tools at the venue.

All contestants will receive a 4’x4′ space to setup their bite-size entries for easy sampling.  All contestants will have an opportunity to present judges with their finest products, offer them fresh on the spot, display their passion for their products, and promote their brands while doing so.

Certified Cannabis Classic Judges will be allowed to enter the event before the general public at 5p. They will judge every edible entry and record scores based on 5 criteria: appearance, presentation, aroma, taste, and effect. Only judges scores will determine the winner of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy/medals.

There will also be People’s Choice awards for each category. The People’s Choice award will be voted on by all attendees of the event. Each attendee will be given five (5) tickets to sample and vote for their favorite items.

Only the overall 1st place winner will receive a trophy. All other categories (including the People’s Choice award) will receive medals.

The winners will be announced that day at the awards show starting at 8pm.


First entry (which includes a 4’ table to display & serve your samples + 2 competitor passes) = EARLY BIRD (book in February) = $200. Each additional entry is $50.