What to Enter: 

  • Each dry flower entry shall consist of a total of 30 grams (26 one-gram samples for judging, 1 one-gram sample for display, and 1 three-gram sample for testing)
  • Each concentrate entry shall consist of 15 grams total (26 half-gram samples for judging, 1 one-gram sample for display, and 1 one-gram sample for testing).
  • Each edible entry shall consist of 28 individually packaged servings (please limit your potency to a max of 50 mg per serving)


  • must show proof of being at least 21 years-old to enter
  • applicable entry fees shall apply
  • entries must have been produced in the state of competition
  • entries category will be determined by information submitted by competitor via the online entry form
  • competition committee reserves the right to create or consolidate categories if the number of entries warrant (must have a min of 5 entries to create a category).

Entry Fees

  • entry fee is $200 per entry if entered and paid by the early bird deadline(s) below:
    • 2017 PDX early bird entry deadline: October 1, 2017
    • 2018 SoCal early bird entry deadline: Dec 1, 2017
  • entry fee for applications received after early bird deadline is $250 per entry.
  • fee includes lab testing and 1 ticket to the Cannabis Classic event.
  • please note: competitors entering multiple entries do not receive additional tickets to the event
  • entry fees and submitted products are non-refundable.


  • judges cannot enter categories they are judging
  • no one on the Competition Committee may enter the competition

PDX Dates & Deadlines

  • Early bird application deadline: Oct 2, 2017
  • Sample submission deadline:  Nov 13, 2017
  • Lab testing begins: Nov 14, 2017
  • Judging kits go out: approx Nov 22, 2017
  • Judges scorecard submission deadline: Dec 10, 2017
  • Award Show: Sunday, Dec 17, 2017
  • advance registration is required
  • all entries must be submitted to one of the designated drop points (TBA) by 5pm on the noted drop off date.
  • committee is not responsible for picking up your entries. All entries must be brought to the designated drop points by the deadline or your entry will not be accepted and you will not receive a refund for entry fees unless other arrangements are made directly with the Competition Committee.
  • Drop off points will be emailed to you in advance of the drop off date.

Awards & Prizes

  • trophy for first place
  • medal for second and third place in each category
  • categories: best sativa, best indica, best hybrid, highest CBD, highest THC, best concentrate, best edible.
  • please note: the Competition Committee reserves the right to create or consolidate categories if the number of entries warrant.

Judging Requirements

  • all judges must take an online course and pass an exam in order to be eligible to judge (register to judge here)
  • decisions are final
  • double-blind
  • entries are judged on appearance, aroma, flavor, effect, overall impression
  • judges will fill out online scorecards and growers will receive feedback on their entries


  • positive lab test (mold, mildew, etc.)
  • eligibility or entry requirement infractions


  • results will be available after winners are announced at awards ceremony
  • lab testing results will be available at awards ceremony

Submission Instructions

  • Entrants must submit samples and payment in full by the deadline in order to be eligible to compete.
  • Drop points will be announced as the drop date approaches via email to entrants. Please monitor your emails and ensure you receive our updates.
  • Competitor shall make no identifying marks of any kind on the packages supplied.
  • Dry flowers can be submitted in clear jars or plastic baggies. Committee will transfer flowers into our standard packaging prior to giving to judges.
  • Concentrate entries are often difficult to move without compromising quality, so please submit concentrate entries in appropriate containers for your product with no identifying marks. Please note: you will not receive packaging back.
  • Edibles will remain in the packaging in which they are submitted. Please do not included identifying marks on your packaging. Edibles are allowed to include: ingredient list, any possible allergens and the serving potency.
  • Lab testing of your product will be completed. If an entry tests positive for molds, the competitor will be notified and the sample will automatically be disqualified. You will not receive your samples back.
  • Upon submission, each entry will receive a unique identifying number – which will be the only way to identify it going forward, since judging is done double-blind.